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Unlock Your Destiny

An Important Message

I understand many of you are frustrated by our inability to connect for your appointments, and I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the unexpected surge in demand following Amanda's TikTok post, I've been overwhelmed trying to manage my solo practice. Despite my efforts to catch up, I remain behind schedule due to burnout and illness.

I'm willing to reschedule your appointment or provide a gift card for future use, but refunds are not feasible at this time. My policy requires rescheduling at least 24 hours in advance, and cancellations incur a fee equal to the full appointment amount. If delays occur due to emergencies or extended client sessions, you'll be accommodated accordingly.

Please let me know how you'd like to proceed, and I'll prioritize finding a suitable appointment time amidst my busy schedule. Additionally, accusations or threats of reporting me as fraudulent only hinder the process, particularly as my Venmo account is currently under review due to fraudulent reports during my illness.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience.

"My experience with Tarek was absolutely incredible! This was my very first reading, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He was so insightful and incredibly intuitive. He left me feeling at peace and inspired. I can’t wait for my next reading with him!"

"just had a session with tarek & i adore him!! he definitely tells you how it is and what you need to hear. i’m so excited to continue talking to him in future sessions and seeing my personal improvement. he truly is a mirror and guides you based on your energy. a tik tok about him went viral & his schedule is fully booked for months so please be patience with him <3 he is only one person ya’ll !! despite how much his energy is in demand, he is fully present and gave me the insight i needed during our session :)"

"Tarek was amazing - he put me completely at ease (I'm a newcomer to this world and was somewhat of a skeptic) and immediately picked up on things that he couldn't have possibly known/found online. He took his time with me and managed to be both incredibly compassionate and hilariously blunt. He even offered to do some follow-up work for free with a deceased relative who was too shy/hesitant to open up to him in the room. I will definitely be going back and I highly recommend him to anyone who is searching."

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